Welcome to Funlazio!!


Funlazio offers end-user the chance to win great prizes by playing our high skill quizzes on our online quiz portal. Each prize competition will run for 3 months for which we charge the user Rs.49 per week. As we are promoting a weekly subscription fee, we will send a new quiz to the subscriber every week. Each quiz con-sists of 6 questions which entail 5 multiple choice and 1 mathematical question. Subscriber needs to answer these questions as quickly as possible in order to get the highest score.

After the competition period ends, the user with the fastest and most correct answers wins the promoted prize. Every 3 months we will select 1 winner. After the competition period ends, active subscribers will automatically participate in the next competition period to win the promoted prize. The prizes we are offering vary from iPhones, Samsung phones, Gift vouchers & more.